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Despite all preventive action there is always a chance something fails and it is often something vital and comes on a critical time. We understand the importance of a fully operational computer system. The master of the vessel can contact us by phone or email and we will get to work on fixing the problem, sometimes with a little assistance from the crew. When the ship needs support from other IT related suppliers, we can make arrangements to put them in touch.
A lot of computer problems can be prevented by monitoring, maintaining and updating your computer network remotely. Our ServiceDesk team exists of IT engineers who come on board of vessels frequently so they know what you need based on daily experiences. To achieve effective and secure remote support we carefully selected software to access your computer system. If you are interested in this fixed-price-per-vessel service, and our step-by-step guide to realise this, contact us via


Occasionally it is not possible to solve failures remotely. By mutual agreement one of our technicians could travel to the ship to resolve the issue on-site at short notice. You will be in charge and we will communicate and perform. Our flexibility ensures endless possibilities.
In case you have a planned management takeover, a newly built vessel, maintenance in dry dock or unforeseen computer problems, our committed IT engineers are happy to do the job. With our expertise and experience you can be certain it will be carried out thoroughly and cost-effective.
Of course vessels can be sailing all over the world and sometimes, when there is no other option we sail along with you while doing our job. Depending on the location of the ship it is also a possibility to work with our cooperating partners in the USA and the Far East.
Service On Board


A wide range of products for your onboard IT system, like servers, workstations, maritime approved emergency power supplies, printers, cartridges, switches, 4G-solutions and cabling is available. We can pre-install and configure devices before shipment but we can also provide remote access to your own IT department so you can prepare everything required while connected to fast and stable internet at our office.
As an additional service, our own warehouse is available for storing our customers’ (spare) parts. Of course we can take care of shipment all over the world or install the ordered goods on board ourselves. According to our partners in Houston and Singapore we charge very fair prices.


A current and relevant topic at sea and on land is security. Safety first: nobody needs a computer virus or ransomware attack so it is very important to pay attention to cyber and physical security. A strong password policy is essential. For cyber security we work with a partner who focuses on smart solutions with the latest technology. From a single console we can manage your vessel IT security for all operating systems. To ensure you run the latest release of your security software we recommend our ServiceDesk: they verify this frequently together with other checks and remote maintenance as part of our fixed-price-per-vessel service.
An example of physical protection which turns out to be just as simple as effective is using USB-locks so nobody except the person with the key can use memory sticks or any other external device. This minimalizes the risk of an unwanted computer virus.
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